ISAAC Phase Three Environmental Questionnaire

This section includes instructions for use of the Environmental Questionnaire, as well as descriptions of the hypotheses behind each of the questions. The information and questionnaires may be viewed using the appropriate links on the menu.

The questionnaires are provided in Adobe pdf and Microsoft Word® (version 6.0/95) formats. The Adobe pdf files are included because they easily viewed and printed from a web browser. The Microsoft Word® files are included in order to allow modifications of the format and wording to suit each centre.

You may encounter a problem when downloading the Microsoft Word® versions of the questionnaire. If your web browser does not offer you the opportunity to save the file or view it in Microsoft Word®, but instead displays text and/or meaningless symbols, you can manually download the file by following these instructions:

  1. Use your right mouse button to click while the mouse is postioned over the link (e.g. "Environmental Questionnaire, 6-7yr (Word)").

  2. Select the "Save Link As..." option from the pop up menu that has appeared.

  3. Select an appropriate location and click on the "Save" button to save the file in the normal manner.