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National Publications

The following publications used ISAAC data from Portugal:

  • Pinto JR, Almeida MM. Epidemiology of asthma in schoolchildren in Portuguese speaking regions. Rev Fr Allergol Immunol Clin 2005; 45(7):547-549.
  • Rosado-Pinto J, Gaspar A, Morais-Almeida M. Epidemiology of asthma and allergic diseases in Portuguese speaking regions. Rev Fr Allergol Immunol Clin 2006; 46(3):305-308

Portugal, Western Europe

Centres:Phase:PI:Age Groups
Funchal1 Dr Fernando D Borges 13-14, 6-7
Lisbon1 Dr José E Rosado Pinto 13-14, 6-7
Portimao1 Dr Carlos Nunes 13-14, 6-7
Porto1 Dr José M Lopes dos Santos 13-14
Coimbra3 Dr M Lourdes Chiera 13-14
Funchal3 Dra Rita Câmara 13-14, 6-7
Lisbon3 Dr José E Rosado Pinto 13-14, 6-7
Portimao3 Dr Carlos Nunes 13-14, 6-7
Porto3 Dr José M Lopes dos Santos 13-14, 6-7

National Coordinator:


  • National Coordinator for Portugal
  • Phase One Principal Investigator for Lisbon
  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for Lisbon

Dr José E Rosado Pinto

Dr José E Rosado Pinto

Immunoallergology Department,
Hospital da Luz,
Av Lusíadas n. º 100,
1500-650 Lisboa

ISAAC in Portugal

ISAAC Portugal started in 1991 only with Lisbon Centre 13-14 years old group. During 12 years (1992-2003) we organized a network of 7 centers with around 40,000 children (6-7; 13-14 years old) both in the continent and Madeira Island (Funchal). It is one of the largest epidemiological study produced until today in Portugal.

The results of the ISAAC study are until now the reference data of prevalence of asthma and allergic diseases in children. It is also a reference for several scientific studies and thesis. Presently there is an epidemiological study and a master dissertation using the ISAAC questionnaire.

The ISAAC study enhanced the establishment of a network among colleagues (including GP in the primary health centers), teachers, parents and children from more than 300 schools involved in the project. The ISAAAC Portugal had the support of Ministry of Health and GSK for the data analysis, but the great part of the work was done without any financial support.

The annual meetings of the Western Europe Group in Munster under the coordination of Prof. Ulrich Keil and Stefen Weiland in the first years provided closer professional and personal contact. Along the years several meetings took place during phase I and III with representatives of ISAAC Spain and Brasil which gave us the opportunity to exchange experiences both at organization and scientific levels. In Portugal the main objectives were the dissemination of results in scientific journals and media at country level, as well as to stimulate other studies based on ISAAC experience focusing school and the allergic diseases in children.