Wilaya of Algiers Centre

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Centre:West Algiers, Algeria ( Africa )
Principal Investigator:professor Badia Benhabylès
Age Groups:13-14Timeframe:
Sampling Frame:A random sample of all middle schools in Wilaya of Algiers.
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Centre:Wilaya of Algiers, Algeria ( Africa )
Principal Investigator:Professor Badia Benhabylès
Age Groups:13-14Timeframe:April 2002 to May 2002
Sampling Frame:13-14yr: A random sample of middle schools in Algiers Department. The sampling frame is exactly the same as the sampling frame in Phase One.


Professor Badia Benhabylès

Professeur en Epidémiologie
CHU Mustapha
CHU Mustapha, place du 1 er mai


  • Phase One Principal Investigator for West Algiers
  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for Wilaya of Algiers

On the proposal of Mrs. Professor Ait Khaled, I was involved with my team to ISAAC Phase Three. It was a great adventure team. After obtaining the permission of those responsible for education and health, I had an interview with the director of each school. They all showed great interest in the study and collaborated in programming. I attended school health physicians in the Wilaya of Algiers. Many of them participated in the study with my team. Teachers were also a contribution especially for the discipline in the classroom. To avoid problems we asked all students in each class covered by the study. They all answered the questions as if it were a game. I am happy to have participated in the study whose results serve as reference for the prevalence of asthma in children in Algéria.