Local Publications

The following publications used ISAAC data from the Cali centre:

  • González-Díaz SN, Del Río-Navarro BE, Pietropaolo-Cienfuegos DR, Escalante-Domínguez AJ, García-Almaraz RG, Mérida-Palacio V, Berber A. Factors associated with allergic rhinitis in children and adolescents from northern Mexico: International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood Phase IIIB. Allergy Asthma Proc 2010; 31(4): 53-62

Cali Centre

Phase OnePhase TwoPhase Three
Centre:Cali, Colombia ( Latin America )
Principal Investigator:Dr Gustavo A Ordoñez
Age Groups:13-14, 6-7Timeframe:March 2002 to June 2002
Sampling Frame:13-14yr: All schools in Santiago de Cali area
6-7yr:All schools in Santiago de Cali Area


Dr Gustavo A Ordoñez

Pediatric Pulmonologist
Calle 9 C # 50-25


  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for Cali