Local Publications

The following publications used ISAAC data from the Caruaru centre:

  • Franco JM, Gurgel R, Sole D, França VL, Brabin B and the Brazilian Isaac Group. Socio-environmental conditions and geographical variability of asthma prevalence in Northeast Brazil Allergol Immunopathol (Madr). 2009; 37(3):116-121

Caruaru Centre

Phase OnePhase TwoPhase Three
Centre:Caruaru, Brasil ( Latin America )
Principal Investigator:Assistant Professor Almerinda Silva
Age Groups:13-14Timeframe:September 2002 to December 2002
Sampling Frame:13-14yr: All schools in Caruaru area (private and public schools).


Assistant Professor Almerinda Silva

Rua Laurindo Coelho nº 245 apt. 1202
Casa Forte
Recife - PE


  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for Caruaru