Local Publications

The following publications used ISAAC data from the Porto Alegre centre:

  • Solé D, Melo KC, Camelo-Nunes IC, Freitas LS, Britto M, Rosário NA, Jones M, Fischer GB, Naspitz CK. Changes in the prevalence of asthma and allergic diseases among Brazilian schoolchildren (13-14 years old): comparison between ISAAC Phases One and Three. J Trop Pediatr.2007 Feb;53(1):13-21.Epub Sep 2006.

Porto Alegre Centre

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Centre:Porto Alegre, Brasil ( Latin America )
Principal Investigator:Professor Renato Stein
Age Groups:13-14, 6-7Timeframe:13-14yr:June 1994 to December 1994
6-7yr:June 1994 to September 1995
Sampling Frame:
Phase OneView Centre DetailsPhase TwoPhase Three
Centre:Porto Alegre, Brasil ( Latin America )
Principal Investigator:Dr Gilberto B Fischer
Age Groups:13-14Timeframe:June 2002 to April 2003
Sampling Frame:13-14yr: Schools in the Municipal area of Porto Alegre. Same sampling frame as Phase One.


Dr Gilberto B Fischer

Fundaçao Faculdade
Federal de Ciências Médicas de Porto Alegre
Rua Coronel Bordini 830/509
CEP 90440=003


  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for Porto Alegre

Professor Renato Stein

Pediatric Pulmonary Unit
Department of Pediatrics
Pontificia Universidade Catolica RS
Av Ipiranga, 6690 conj. 420


  • Phase One Principal Investigator for Porto Alegre
  • Phase Three collaborator for Porto Alegre

In 2001 I had an invitation to proceed the Phase III of ISAAC study in Porto Alegre. I looked for help in my University (Universidade Federal de Ciencias da Saúde of Porto Alegre) in order to get funds to do it. Unfortunately I couldn’t get it at that time. So I wrote an advertisement in the walls of the university looking for medical students to help me with that task. Seven of them came for an interview. Five agreed to participate with no payment. So I added a student of psychology to join the group. Some weeks later the group was trained and prepared to start the study. I managed to get free bus tickets for the visits to the schools and we finally started with the study. We included private and public schools in different areas of the city. Unfortunately we reached only 45% of the goal (3000 students 13-14y) by the end of that year. With the holidays period we had to wait until March of 2003 to finish the study. Three of the medical students had to leave it because they started their internship at that year. So we had to train other students. The same group was responsible for typing the data. When we finished the study we presented some basic results to the schools (mainly for those which asked for it in advance). Interestingly the schools directors where surprised with the prevalence (around 20%), which is above the national average. This is our brief story of ISAAC III in Porto Alegre