Cairo University Children’s Hospital

Cairo University Children’s Hospital

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Centre:Cairo, Egypt ( Eastern Mediterranean )
Principal Investigator:Dr Maggie Louis Naguib
Age Groups:13-14Timeframe:February 2002 to March 2002
Sampling Frame:13-14yr: Randomly selected schools in Misr el Qadima school district


Dr Maggie Louis Naguib

Dr Maggie Louis Naguib

Professor of Pediatrics & Pediatric Pulmonology
Cairo University Children's Hospital
Cairo University Faculty of Medicine



  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for Cairo

Cairo University Children’s Hospital at Kasr Al Aini Faculty of Medicine is the largest pediatric referral center in Egypt (

Several studies were conducted concerning the epidemiology of childhood asthma and allergies in Egypt with growing concern over increasing prevalence rates; however none were incorporated into international data. I learned about the ISAAC phase III study during a working visit to the University of Michigan, USA and was very enthusiastic about the idea. Upon my return, I discussed with my colleagues and we decided to participate. We were further encouraged after contact with the team at the ISAAC International Data Centre who were very supportive.

Our team from the faculty of Medicine Cairo University, comprised members from the department of Pediatrics, the Center of Social and Preventive Medicine (CSPM) and the department of Public Health. Main tasks included organization and communication with the school district for selected schools, field work with questionnaire administration and data collection, processing and reporting.

Our selected area was the “Misr El Qadima” Old Cairo School district because it was a good example of a heavily populated urban community in Greater Cairo. It also falls within the area served by the CSPM.

Our participation in the phase III ISAAC study was a very positive experience. We learned a lot from it and enjoyed it as well. The study results were presented in many pediatric conferences and published in local scientific journals and currently serves as a recent reference for the prevalence of asthma and atopic diseases among school children in Egypt especially in Greater Cairo (of about 18,000,000 inhabitants).

I was privileged to be part of ISAAC international effort and hope that it will continue.