Local Publications

The following publications used ISAAC data from the Jersey centre:

  • Anderson HR, Ruggles R, Strachan DP, Austin JB, Burr M, Jeffs D, Standring P, Steriu A, Goulding R. Trends in prevalence of symptoms of asthma, hay fever, and eczema in 12-14 year olds in the British Isles, 1995-2002: a questionnaire survey. BMJ 2004; 328(7447): 1052-3.
  • Jeffs D, Grainger R, Powell P. Is childhood allergy more common amongst an island population? J R Soc Health.2000 Dec;120(4):236-41.

Jersey Centre

Phase OnePhase TwoPhase Three View Centre Details
Centre:Jersey, Channel Islands ( Western Europe )
Principal Investigator:Dr Richard Grainger
Age Groups:13-14Timeframe:
Sampling Frame:All Jersey.
Phase OneView Centre DetailsPhase TwoPhase Three
Centre:Jersey, Channel Islands ( Western Europe )
Principal Investigator:Ms Rosie Goulding
Age Groups:13-14Timeframe:February 2002 to March 2002
Sampling Frame:13-14yr: All Secondary schools in Jersey. Same as Phase One.


Jill Birbeck



  • Phase One collaborator for Jersey
  • Phase Three collaborator for Jersey

Ms Rosie Goulding

Policy Principal
Social Security Department
Philip Le Feuvre House, PO BOX 55
La Motte Street, St Helier, JE4 8PE
United Kingdom


  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for Jersey

Dr Richard Grainger

Director of Public Health
Le Bas Centre
PO Box 421, St Saviours Road
St Helier, Jersey
United Kingdom


  • Phase One Principal Investigator for Jersey