Local Publications

The following publications used ISAAC data from the Lucknow centre:

  • Awasthi S, Kalra E, Roy S, Awasthi S. Prevalence and risk factors of asthma and wheeze in school-going children in Lucknow, North India. Indian Pediatr 2004; 41: 1205-10.

Lucknow Centre

Phase OnePhase TwoPhase Three
Centre:Lucknow, India ( Indian Sub-Continent )
Principal Investigator:Professor Shally Awasthi
Age Groups:13-14, 6-7Timeframe:July 2001 to March 2002
Sampling Frame:All schools in Lucknow Area.


Professor Shally Awasthi

Department of Pediatrics
King George's Medical College



  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for Lucknow