Niue Island Centre

Phase OnePhase TwoPhase Three
Centre:Niue Island, Niue ( Oceania )
Principal Investigator:Ms Moka Magatogia
Age Groups:13-14, 6-7Timeframe:October 2002 to October 2002
Sampling Frame:Whole Island Study. There is only one High school and one primary school on the island.


Ms Moka Magatogia

Niue Foou Hospital



  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for Niue Island

Niue ISAAC Story

Contact was made by Dr Sunia Foliaki in 2002, for Niue to participate in the ISAAC Research. Niue participated in the ISAAC Phase Three, Group B, in October 2002. The survey was coordinated by Mrs. Moka Magatogia, assisted by Miss O’Mega Vai Chapman.

The children were recruited from the two only schools on the island. The 6/7 year olds from Niue Primary School and 13/14 year olds from Niue High School. With English being the second language and fluently spoken and understand by all, there was no need to translate the questionnaire to Niuean. Questionnaires were completed by the parents of 6/7 year olds, and the 13/14 year olds completed their own questionnaires together with the video questionnaire. All Data were collected, coded and transferred to IIDC Auckland, New Zealand.

A second part of the survey was completed in August 2003, again coordinated and assisted by the same people. This was the environment survey. There were some problems with transferring this data and before we were able to successfully transfer the data again Hurricane Heta hit the island. There were again further delays in getting the data transferred. However, all hard copies of our survey were safe and I managed to post all these over because computer access at that time was not possible.

Dr Sunia Foliaki also visited Niue in 2006 and was able to give an update on the ISAAC research to the staff of the Niue Health Department. I would like to thank the ISAAC Research Committee for funding this survey and making it possible for Niue to participate in this International Study.