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San Salvador3 Dr Margarita Figueroa Colorado 13-14, 6-7

National Coordinator:


  • National Coordinator for El Salvador
  • Phase Three Principal Investigator for San Salvador

Dr Margarita Figueroa Colorado

Dr Margarita Figueroa Colorado

Hospital Nacional San Rafael

Insituto de Ojos Blvd.
Tutunichapa N° 326
El Salvador

In September 1994, I knew the ISAAC project an its protocol to determine the incidence of Asthma and Allergy in the world. IN 2001 the ERS Congress in Berlin, Phillippa Ellwood, Innes Asher; Javier Mallol, was presented as Coordinator for Latin America for the ISAAC III.

Since that time it was a challenge for me, develop the study to determine first the Incidence of Asthma and Allergies in my country El Salvador. Start with the planning of the survey, supported by the University Doctor José Matías Delgado, with Dr. Clifton Huang and his group of enthusiastic students who conducted the survey.

Today our group has grown and consolidates. In the picture, in the front: Coordinator: Margarita Figueroa, William Hoyos, Reseacher , behind , Pablo Salazar, Reseacher, Mauricio Flores, Pediatric Allergist.