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National Publications

The following publications used ISAAC data from Chile:

  • Mallol J, Cortez E, Amarales L, Sánchez I, Calvo M, et al. Prevalence of asthma in Chilean schoolchildren.Descriptive study from 24,470 children: ISAAC-Chile. Rev Med Chil.2000; 128: 279-85.
  • Mallol J, Aguirre V, Aguilar P, Calvo M, Amarales L, Arellano P, Palma R. [Changes in the prevalence of asthma in Chilean school age children between 1994 and 2002.International Study of Asthma and Allergies in Childhood (ISAAC)--Chile phases I and III]. Rev Med Chil.2007 May;135(5):580-6.Epub Jul 2007. Spanish.

Chile, Latin America

Centres:Phase:PI:Age Groups
Central Santiago1 Dr Ignacío Sanchez 13-14, 6-7
Punta Arenas1 Dr Lidia Amarales 13-14, 6-7
South Santiago1 Dra Eliana Cortez 13-14, 6-7
Valdivia1 Dr Mario A Calvo 13-14, 6-7
Calama3 Dr Luis Alberto Vera Benavides 13-14
Chiloe3 Dra Amanda Contreras 13-14
Punta Arenas3 Dr Lidia Amarales 13-14, 6-7
South Santiago3 Dr Pedro Aguilar 13-14, 6-7
Valdivia3 Dr Mario A Calvo 13-14, 6-7

Professor Javier Mallol

Professor Javier Mallol

Department of Pediatric Respiratory Medicine
Hospital CRS El Pino
University of Santiago de Chile (USACH)
Avenida Alberto Hurtado 13560


  • ISAAC Steering Committee
  • Regional Coordinator for Latin America
  • National Coordinator for Chile

Dra Viviana Aguirre

Depatamento de Medicina Respiratoria Infantil
Hospital CRS El Pino
Avenida Los Morros 13560
San Bernardo


  • National Coordinator for Chile